The Process

How It Works

  • Register to access your secure client portal.
  • Choose the document you need and begin the online questionnaire.
  • Save your answers. You can return any time to edit/finish.
  • When you're ready to go forward, pay by credit card and submit your questionnaire.
  • We'll prepare your documents; an attorney will review them as necessary, and notify you when ready.
  • We provide you with all of the legal advice you need. Included in the fee. No billable hours.
  • Detailed instructions are also provided.
  • We provide you with legal advice every step of the way.
  • Legal advice is included with the fixed fee you pay.

Legal Advice Included

  • Legal Advice is included with all of our paid forms. You can purchase legal advice for free forms. You don't get that service from a legal forms website.
  • We cannot provide legal advice to all parties of a matter as that would be a conflict of interest. We can only provide legal advice to the person who registers and becomes our client.
  • We also have a free legal advice service by email for simple questions.
  • If you have more complex questions, you can purchase legal advice by telephone call for a flat $50.00 per call.
  • We also offer a Coaching Service to provide you with additional guidance on more complex issues. This service involves a one-hour telephone call for $150.00. 

The MyLegalAffairs Portal

All of our clients have access to their own MyLegalAffairs Portal. This portal is an online secure and encrypted web space that you access with your username and password. It provides you with 24 x 7 access to our law firm.

This secure portal enables us to work with you online securely and confidentially. Through this portal you can:

  • communicate with your lawyer;
  • purchase legal services;
  • pay legal fees;
  • purchase fixed fee legal form packages with legal advice; and
  • purchase legal advice and legal coaching services.

This technology sets us apart from your typical law firm.

Registration is Free. Log In to your client portal here.

Our Advantage

We are not just a legal document preparation website. We are a North Carolina law firm offering legal services for a fixed and affordable fee for North Carolina residents.

We are different from non-lawyer sites because:

  • We stand behind and guarantee our work. If you go to a non-lawyer document preparation service, any guarantee is limited or non-existent.
  • You are protected by the lawyer/client relationship. As lawyers, we must keep any communications between us confidential, and we are required to avoid any conflicts of interest. We use the SSL protocol, which is the most secure method of transmitting information over the Internet. You can be assured that our services are trustworthy, private, and secure.
  • We comply with all of the Professional Rules that apply to members of the North Carolina Bar. The services that we provide are regulated by the North Carolina State Bar. A legal forms website offered by a non-lawyer document preparation company is not regulated in any way. If there is a problem, you have no recourse.
  • We comply with the American Bar Association's “Best Practice” Guidelines for legal websites. These guidelines apply to law firms.
  • We offer a 100% Guarantee. Review our Guarantee Policy.
  • We help you represent yourself in order to save on legal fees. Learn more about pro se representation.

We are different from a typical law firm because:

  • We are virtual. We communicate with you solely over the Internet by e-mail and also by telephone. You don't have to give up time away from work to come to our offices. By providing our services “virtually”, we are able to keep our fees low and make it convenient for you. You have the ability to send us an e-mail or complete our online questionnaires at a time that is convenient for YOU.
  • No retainer agreements or up-front fees. You buy only the legal services that you need – at a fixed price per task.
  • You know what you will pay. No hourly rates or hidden charges – just a simple fixed and reasonable fee.
  • We use state-of-the-art document assembly technology. We use world-class state-of-the-art document automation technology. This technology enables us to generate your documents more efficiently, thereby allowing us to pass savings on to you. Few Maryland law firms use this kind of technology.
  • We guide you every step of the way. We guide you through the process of representing yourself. We support the concept of self-representation. Self-help law, also known as “pro-se” representation, is the process of filing your own documents and representing yourself in court. This is a very effective method of saving on legal fees because you do part of the work yourself. Our role is to prepare your documents for you; give you the legal advice you need; and prepare you to represent yourself so that you can avoid making any crucial mistakes.

Our Guarantee

Our legal documents and legal services are 100% guaranteed to be accepted by the court where you file them. If your documents are not accepted by a court, please let us know the specific details and we will fix the problem or refund your purchase 100%.

Please note that you must follow our instructions when filing your documents, including serving the other party correctly with a filed Complaint. We are not responsible if you do not follow our instructions and your document is rejected because of your failure to follow our instructions.

You can request a refund within three (3) days for any reason. However, there is no refund once we return your documents to you unless they are not accepted by a court.

Are you a candidate for our online will service?

If any of these circumstances apply to your individual situation, you should not use this online service:

  • You want to disinherit a wife or child from your estate.
  • You own property in a foreign country.
  • You or your spouse are citizens of another country,
  • You have significant assets. If you have substantial assets there may be additional tax planning
  • issues that must be considered.
  • You anticipate that your will may be contested.
  • You own a business, which is your major source of income, and it is a substantial asset.

If your personal situation has certain complexities such as those listed above, you should consider contacting us to further discuss your situation.