Juanita C. Recommends Barry L. Brewington

I have received superior service from Mr. Brewington on several occasions over the last five years, since I first retained him to set up my LLC. In addition to this annual service, he has represented me in a business litigation matter that was resolved satisfactorily on my behalf and in a timely and financially efficient manner. His efficiency in this matter benefited me as well as the opposing party.

Barry also reviews contracts and other legal documents for me as needed and in his proficient and detailed preparation, he has always had my best interest in mind. He is passionate about his work and knowledgeable and is available when I need him.

The most valuable thing that Mr. Brewington provides me is education. In each request, I have learned so much through his thorough research and explanation of NC case law and he has never proceeded on my behalf without explaining his recommendation, as well as discussing the pros and cons of other options or questions I may have.

I would recommend Barry for employer/contractor agreements, business litigation for professionals, and privacy and consumer law.

– Juanita C.